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The Institution offers the complex service in the range:

- Production palettes 800x600 the mm of the dusseldorfer type (DHP)

- Repairs of DHP palettes

- Conversions - 1 the palette repaired too 3 palettes to the repair

- The purchasing centre of damaged palettes

To production palettes are used:

- boards riveted (pine, birch, alder), edges of boards: sharp

- remaining boards (birch, alder, pine), semicircular boards

- plastic bracket (hard PP, the heavy-duty construction)

- metal bracket zinc-plated (the thickness: 2 mm, pressed has coldly)

- steel cannular rivets (riveted by machinery)

- annular nails

Palettes being fitted for repairs (that is to say passed the palletizer, tear up in the half, having to the conversion 3 boards 800x80x20 mm) are not subject to the purchase.

The construction of the dusseldorfer palette

Measurements of the dusseldorfer palette